Experts estimate that around 2,400 children a year get an electric shock or burn by sticking something metallic in an outlet. Most rooms in the average home have electrical outlets, and many have outlets in every room. Young, curious children face electrical hazards virtually anywhere in the home. You should consider making each outlet tamper-resistant.

What Is a Tamper Resistant Outlet?

A tamper-resistant outlet has spring-loaded shutter plates that block the socket openings.

You insert a plug into the outlet by using pressure. You have to apply pressure to both openings at the same time. This protects kids from pushing a paperclip, other metallic objects, or anything else into the socket.

Homes built after 2008 are required to have tamper-resistant outlets. Older outlets can be upgraded.

Are They Better Than Other Child Proofing Products?

There are other ways to childproof outlets, but they’re not as convenient. For example, receptacle caps are an option, but they have to be removed whenever you want to use the outlet. Caps can provide an effective barrier to curious young hands, but they can also be difficult for adults to remove; plus, they present a potential choking hazard.

You can also get sliding receptacle covers. You can’t insert a plug with one hand when using them, however. Also, children can learn how to open these receptacles by watching you and pry into one when you’re not there.

Upgrade Your Home With Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Tamper-resistant receptacles are a convenient and affordable way to prevent children from getting hurt by electricity. They’re only about $0.50 more than a standard outlet.

Tamper-resistant receptacles come with directions for how to install them. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, you can hire an electrician to do the job. GVEC’s team of fully licensed professional electricians is an option for such work. We serve homes in Gonzales, TX, and other communities in and around the Guadalupe Valley.

GVEC Electrician Services: Professionalism and Experience at Your Service

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